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Program #1

We provide guided tours of the Garden of Humanity in Boca Raton to schools, religious institutions, and interested parties.

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Program #2

We can assist in supporting in-place genocide education in your place of education.

Program #3

Contact us for an architected and engineered Garden of Humanity built at a location you desire.

About Us

Our Founder


Yaacov Heller is a globally recognized and acclaimed Sculptor, Artist, and Jewelry Designer. His driving passion is to awaken the age-old "Golden Rule" in all of us to eliminate hate. His design for the Garden of Humanity centers on the Flame of Truth and Understanding.

He was born in 1941 in Cleveland, Ohio. His artistic inclination started at age five and was carefully nurtured. In 1972 Yaacov established residence in Jerusalem, Israel where he set up his studio, workshop, and foundry for the production of his superbly crafted and uniquely recognized sculpture and jewelry. Rated among the worlds top sculptors and silversmiths, Yaacov's designs are known for their rare intricacy, attention to detail, unique interpretation of the human form and spirit, as well as to his personal, unswerving commitment to artistic quality.

Much of Yaacov's inspiration comes from the Bible's most dramatic events, as he faithfully produces them in a variety of media -- including pewter, silver, bronze, and gold.

Yaacov Heller's works have garnered recognition and admiration from art critics and world leaders alike. He has been, on numerous occasions, commissioned to create historically significant works for Presidents. Kings, Heads of States, and other dignitaries. Ronald Reagan, Gerald Ford, George Bush , Bill Clinton, Margaret Thatcher, Henry Kissinger, Hosni Mubarak, Benjamin Netanyahu, Shimon Peres, Jacque Chirac, Yitzhak Rabin, and Anwar Sadat are among a few of the world leaders who own pieces bearing the Yaacov Heller signature.

A Place of Contemplation

Peace comes through study and immersion in other cultures. Peace comes from understanding that there are more things alike than different

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